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Burundi Mageyo

Country Burundi

Rural Bujumbura


Various Smallholders

surrounding Mageyo Mill

Variety Bourbon
Proc. Method Double Washed
Altitude 1,485m
Tasting Notes Apricot and Floral


The Mageyo Mill is located on a hill called
Muyabara in north-west Burundi surrounded
by fruit trees, free-roaming chickens and nine
higher hills on which the producers grow
specialty coffee. The Mageyo mill is one of
13 mills that form the Akawa project, a joint
venture between SUCCAM and Supremo. The
Akawa project was created to help coffee
producers escape the cycle of poverty. Good
agricultural practices, environmental
responsibility and social equity are the central
tenets of success for project members.
Double washing highlights the acidity and
delicate flavor profile of this coffee. The coffee
is pulped, and left to ferment dry for about 12
hours, before a similar period of wet fermentation
fully submerged in water. After both
fermentations, the coffee is raked through
water channels

Burundi Mageyo

Burundi Mageyo


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