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Colombia Anaerobic Natural Finca Quindio


Country Colombia
Region Vereda Andes Alto, Huila
Farm Finca Quindio
Variety Castillo
Proc. Method 40 Hour Anaerobic Fermentation
Altitude 1800 MASL
Tasting Notes Apricot, Raspberry, Honey


Jesús Barahona is a 3rd generation coffee farmer who has been producing coffee for 40 years. His farm, Quindio, is a 4 hectare farm located in Vereda Andes Alto, Colombia. This year, we were able to secure the only 5 bags he produced using a relativley new processingmethod - Anaerobic Natural.

The cherries are first sorted using water to remove any damaged, under-, or over-ripe fruit. They are drained and sealed in bags for 40hours to ferment without oxygen. Finally the coffee is laid to dry in the sun for 15-20 days.

Jesús, along with his wife and two of his sons are dedicated to producing the best quality coffee and are continuously improving their process to produce even better coffees.

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Colombia Anaerobic Natural Finca Quindio

Colombia Anaerobic Natural Finca Quindio


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