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Colombia Narino Finca Trilladero

Country Colombia

Buesaco, Narino



Luis Rodriguez

Variety Caturra
Proc. Method Washed
Altitude 2,150m
Tasting Notes Tropical Fruit, Lime, Floral


After serving in the military, Luis Rodriguez followed in his brothers’ foot steps and opened his 6,000 tree farm in Alto Naranjal just outside Buesaco. Together, the brothers Rodriguez work hard to collectively produce exceptional quality coffees.

The extreme elevation of the Andes in Southern Colombia create vibrant acidity in this coffee. The resulting long cherry maturation period produces acids and sugars in the seed that come thru as vibrant complexity in the cup.

This coffee is fully washed meaning the fruit of the cherry is removed after picking, and it soaked in water to break down the sticky mucilage before being tried in the sun. This process highlights the complexity and acidity present in the coffee

Colombia Narino Finca Trilladero

Colombia Narino Finca Trilladero


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