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Ethiopia Natural Yirgacheffe - Abiyot Ageze

Country Ethiopia

Konga, Gedeb Woreda, Gedeo Zone


615 small farmers

delivering to Abiyot Ageze mill


Variety Heirloom
Proc. Method Natural
Altitude 1,900m
Tasting Notes Strawberry, Blueberry, Peach


Abiyot Ageze opened his washing station in 2007. Since then, he has attained organic certification and has helped farmers in the surrounding area adopt sustainable practices. The mill collects ripe cherry from 615 farmers of Konga, a town withing the Gedeb Woreda or district within the Yirgacheffe coffee growing area.

This coffee is sun dried on patios as whole cherry for 2-4 weeks before being milled, bagged, and prepped for export.

Ethiopia Natural Yirgacheffe - Abiyot Ageze

Ethiopia Natural Yirgacheffe - Abiyot Ageze


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