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“The Felix mission is simple: to pull out all the stops, every time; to treat guests to the most thoughtful experience and most superb product; and to remain humble hosts in the process.”

Felix Roasting Co. represents the coming together of an eclectic team of visionaries who are not afraid to push the boundaries in their respective fields. By bringing our guiding pillars of design, hospitality, and product into harmony, our goal is to elevate what has become a timeworn routine for many.

The Felix mission is simple: to pull out all the stops, every time; to treat guests to the most thoughtful experience and most superb product; and to remain humble hosts in the process. We like to think the Felix mission shines through each and every facet of our brand.

Our Process

Our coffee selection process is aligned with how we curate the rest of the Felix experience: deliberately, and with only the best in mind.

Following a strict buying calendar that is in sync with the harvest of each growing partner and estate, we select coffees that tell a story—coffees that speak to our olfactory senses and our imaginations. Felix coffees stand out in blind tastings, and they play a vital role in bringing the hard work of our producers into the spotlight. At the end of the day, the stories we are telling are really theirs.

In terms of flavor, we seek coffees that are easy to share. The ones that make the cut have an obvious natural sweetness, as well as a mix of unique yet approachable flavor profiles.

Our Vision

As an innovative coffee shop and roasting company, our vision is to redefine the “coffee break” and to galvanize both the mind and the creative spirit by paying just as much attention to the design and experience as we do to the product.

More importantly, we will share the stories that make each of our coffees so distinctive. After all, we’re not just roasters—we’re storytellers. Coffee contains more flavor components than wine, and every cup offers as complex a flavor journey as a glass of Bordeaux, if not more. Yet we often marginalize the role of coffee in our everyday lives.

Our goal is to shift the current standard and bring fine coffee into the mainstream by putting the spotlight on each coffee’s terroir (pronounced TER-wahr). Terroir in translation: the combination of environmental factors such as climate, sunlight, and soil that gives each crop its unique taste and story.

To bridge that gap between the current coffee paradigm and the vision we have for our guests, we offer our products in a way that is ultimately practical and accessible, but that encourages guests to take an extra minute to consider their daily routine.


The Felix Experience

The Felix experience is thoroughly timeless. Guests are greeted warmly; unique and delightful libations flow from behind the bar; and conversations drifting from the next table steal your attention. It is an environment of warmth and familiarity, coupled with intrigue and excitement.  

Behind the scenes, our baristas and hosts are busy at work. The techniques, tools, and ingredients they employ—many of which we developed—are designed to give us a consistently exceptional product. Our ability to curate a dynamic atmosphere and vibe is unparalleled.

The drinks we serve at Felix are as much a part of our DNA as anything. From our house-made non-dairy milks to our proprietary syrups, and even our tonic water, we develop our recipes from scratch with the goal of pleasing a discerning crowd. Taking the extra step of creating our own thoughtful and high-quality recipes is part of the backbone of our unique experience.

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